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Higher Productivity and Tax Deductions

Statistics show that a well maintained office not only increases long lasting great 1st impressions to new and old customers/clients alike but a clean organized office space also increases employee productivity which in turn increases both business and bottom line profits as well as less employee turnover rate because employees are both happy and proud to take ownership of their duties and facility itself. We specialize in Medical Offices which are more detail oriented from the cleaning stand point because no one likes to go to their Physician and see dirty floors, sinks and overflowing trash etc. when you’re the 1st patient of the day.. I do hsve some clients who’s facility could be so nice if cleaned daily or at least every other but many don’t want to spend the money even after I explain that not only are all our cleaning fees a 100% tax deductable expense, meaning give your money to the IRS and receive nothing in return or invest in a quality, honest cleaning service that shows they care as you take the tax deductions as well as all the benefits mentioned here.. it’s almost as if it were free because just like my empoyees uniforms, if I spend $1,000.00 on new uniforms for my crew its an investment as well as a business expense and just like an office needing cleaning both are a 100% business expense & tax deduction (a.k.a.- The “Write Off”) but suprizingly there actually are proprietors whom don’t really know what a “write off” is but it’s basically just like the old saying “The cost of doing business”.. e.g. You bring in $10,000 in sales for your business, its costs you $4,000 to makes those sales, you are taxed on $6,000 profit because the $4,000 in operation cost is ? Anyone ??.. Yes, the $4k is non taxable amd a write off. I got off topic but it drives me crazy when customers still don’t understand after explaining and their office remains Impressive on Monday morning but come Tues or Wed afternoon its a mess again,.. I explain that the more frequnt your office is cleaned the less the fee per cleaning due to the accumulative mess, dust etc because it takes less time to clean and you $50 cleaning 1x per week that takes 3hrs could be 3x’s a week Mon, Wed, Fri taking 1hr to clean each time for a lesser fee but they often make the mistake of staying at $50 1x per week rather than say $30 per cleaning at 3x’s per week getting all the benefits with triple the service for less than double what they currently pay. I’ll be adding more and monitoring on a daily basis moving forward so feel free to post your ideas, tricks, tips and home made cleaning solutions and practices for all to enjoy and any questions will always be welcomed and answered in a timely manner.. Keep it clean ! Will have a green cleaning topic posting shortlly. Be well !

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We service all commercial facilities from Buildings to Offices.  We give 100% satisfaction and provide our customers with a plan that is also affordable ! You can add or exclude tasks until you design the service most suitable for your premise know you have the most reliable and affordable service that strives to exceed expectations daily.

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Medical offices need to have a clean appearance and be free of germs and debris.  Our mission is to partner with healthcare professionals to prevent the spread of Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs). We do that by taking the lead on research and innovation, and by continuing to create advanced aseptic techniques in healthcare cleaning.